Cat Grooming 

When your cat starts making strange Gollum-like noises, you know it will be followed by a not so pretty hairball. (It generally happens right as your guests arrive for a dinner party.) Having your cat groomed regularly ensures the excess hair is removed. This prevents extra hair from being licked up by your feline leading to hairballs.

If you have a long-haired cat, then your feline is at risk for developing matted fur because it can get tangled or knotted. Brushing a long-haired cat like a Persian is extremely important and is the way to prevent matted fur from forming over time. When dirt gets trapped in their hair it becomes even harder to remove or brush out. Cat skin is very delicate, so pulling or brushing it over and over again can be very painful and uncomfortable for your feline. For removing matted fur like this, you need the help from a professional. 

Matted cats.. 

We as a professional experienced groomers will try our best to remove matts humanly but if a shave off is needed everything will be explained before hand, if the cat is aggressive or gets stressed in anyway we will stop and refer you to be vet as we do not groom cats under sedation or sedate cats to get groomed. 

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